2017-2018 Call for Papers PDF

The War & Society Workshop provides an environment for graduate students and faculty to present work in progress and receive comments and feedback from their peers. Any papers – including conference presentations, book or dissertation chapters, or articles – on topics related to themes of War and Society are welcome and will be added to the schedule as possible.

The presenters will email their work to participants a week in advance.  An assigned commentator will provide a brief summary of the work and a number of detailed comments and suggestions before discussion opens to the group. The commentator will act as chair and direct the discussion portion of the session.

Sessions will be held at Florida State University in Bellamy 404 or 421, depending on the number of participants and availability of the rooms. Workshops will be scheduled on Friday afternoons at a time determined by the class schedule for each semester, making sure there are as few scheduling conflicts as possible. Most sessions include out-of-state participants, both as presenters and commentators, who are able to join the discussion via Skype.

Any advanced undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty are welcome to attend. Presenters and attendees do not need to be members of the Florida State community; it is hoped that a successful Workshop will attract scholars from other institutions, who will either be hosted in Tallahassee or be able to participate by video-conference.

Paper proposals for upcoming sessions for Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 should be sent to Chris Juergens at FSUwarandsociety@gmail.com.